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Type approval and Frequency licensing

This is a service which provided by NT to support companies and partners to conduct measurement procedures and apply for type approval for radio and telecommunication devices from the State Authority - Ministry of Information and Communications. After completing these procedures, new equipment may be allowed to be used in Vietnam.



For companies that specialize in importing and trading telecommunications equipment, the procedures for applying for type approval, radio frequency license and license for using radio equipment for customers are very important.
Understand this need along with the goal of cooperation and sustainable development with other companies and partners, NT has set up a professional service package to support the implementation of the above procedures, including consulting services, support for testing, apply for type approval of radio and telecommunications equipments.
With long-year experience of directly implementing the above procedures, NT commit to provide customers with the most convenient service package, saving time, costs and minimizing risks may occuring during implementation.

Service package includes:


  • Consultativeand support services for type approval for radio telecommunications products;
  • Consultative and support servicesfor applying for radio frequency licensesand radio transmitters.

Some typical projects that NT has supported this service package:


  • Communication system for Dung Quat Oil Refinery.
  • Radio transmission systems, trunking and conventional radio communication systems for units  of Petrovietnam (PVN) and foreign partners (Siemens, OMEGA, Radio Holland, Technip, Transtel, Hyundai ...)
  • TETRA trunking digital radio communication system, conventional communication system, repeater for units of Vietnam Customs.
  • TETRA trunking digital radio communication system for aviation companies in Vietnam.
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